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Our LAWS policy requests that all used items and both new and used clothing be donated to The Resourceful Woman Thrift Store. To learn more about what the thrift store accepts and what times you can donate please reach out to them at trw@lcsj.org, 703-771-8173, or visit the thrift store page on our website for a list. If you have brand new items, please contact tyler.peak@lcsj.org to discuss our up-to-date donation needs and how to drop them off at our office. All new donations for the LAWS office require an appointment to help protect the confidentiality of both clients and donors.

LAWS greatest need is money! We are so fortunate to have amazing and passionate donors who have donated regularly for years, and we wouldn’t be where we are without them. Yet, we are still in great need of monetary funding to continue operating our wide variety of services and programs. As our county grows, and word spreads about LAWS services we see an increase in clients seeking our services. With this, we also have a need to increase staff and other resources that help us operate efficiently and continue providing safety, hope, and empowerment to child and adult victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

The easiest way to make a monetary contribution is to visit our website donate page. This allows you to make a one-time donation or recurring monthly donation of your chosen amount. Not only that, but you receive a receipt automatically for your records. If you have questions about the donation process, please contact Rebekah.debutts@lcsj.org to learn more about how you can donate to LAWS.


You can find more information on the Volunteer page.

You can find out about volunteer opportunities on the Volunteer page.