Your Support Makes a Difference

Often, our generous donors want to know how their gifts will help the victims we serve. Here are some ways you can truly make a difference in the lives of women and children who are striving to live free of abuse and violence:

$25 will fund gas or transportation assistance to a family in our emergency shelter.

$50 will fund snacks and supplies for our Children’s Domestic Violence Support Group.

$100 will fund a day and night of shelter for one person that includes counseling, meals and emergency clothing.

$250 will fund field trips and materials for daily after school activities for sheltered children for a month.

$500 will fund the cost of a family of four to attend the Nurturing Parenting Program for 10 weeks.

$750 will fund a 10 week support group for women who are survivors of sexual assault.

$1,000 will fund ten sessions of counseling for a survivor or a child who is a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault.

$2,000 will fund materials for violence prevention classes for teens throughout Loudoun County.

$3,000 will fund back-up coverage for our hotline for a year.

$5,000 will fund legal representation for a woman to obtain custody and child support.

$5,000 will fund shelter for a woman and her four children for a month and receive counseling, attend support groups, and the Nurturing program.


For more information about ways other ways to donate, click here.