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Nurturing Parenting Program

What is the Nurturing Parenting Program?

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The Nurturing Program is a series of parenting classes that Loudoun Citizens for Social Justice/LAWS has offered to families in the community for the past thirteen years.

Parenting is full of both joys and challenges.  Parenting is learned.  How we were raised directly influences the way we raise our children. Based on these beliefs, the Nurturing Parenting Program ® was designed to teach behavior management concepts that increase parents’ understanding of the many ways to promote the positive overall growth of their children.

What principles is the Nurturing Parenting Program founded on?

Through the utilization of group discussions, interactive activities, and videos, parents learn several parenting principles as outlined by Dr. Stephen Bavolek:

1. Children need a disciplined, caring home that will foster their overall physical, social and emotional development.


2.  Family morals and values need to show the positive aspects of making healthy choices, showing respect and cooperation.


3. Communication, positive recognition, non-violent punishment and empowerment build positive self-worth in children.


4.  Empathy, the ability to be aware of the needs of children and act on their behalf, is the key to being a nurturing parent.


5.  Parents who take the time to nurture themselves are more capable of nurturing their children.


Do parents and their children attend together?

The courses are family-centered so parents and children attend classes together. While parents are learning skills and knowledge on how best to meet their children’s needs, their children are participating in social skill classes that mirror the parent curriculum. They learn strategies to recognize and respond in healthy ways to their emotions; understand that they have the personal power to make good choices; and develop refusal skills and confidence in dealing assertively with threats to their personal safety.

Who may participate and how much does it cost?

The courses are open to the public; however priority is given to Loudoun County families. The classes and course materials are free.  An evening meal is provided for some classes.

What Classes are Available?

The group sessions are age specific in order to address the developmental stage of children’s lives.  Classes are offered for parents of children, newborn to five years old, parents of children ages 4-12, and parents of adolescents ages 10-13. Some classes are offered in Spanish.  Classes are six to eight weeks long.

How do I sign up for a class?

Download our application forms here!
Call (703) 771-3973, ext. 27 or send an e-mail to our Nurturing Parenting Coordinator to inquire about upcoming classes.

Where are classes held?

Classes are held at the agency’s office located at 105 East Market St., in downtown Leesburg.

Volunteer opportunities?

There are many ways you can become involved in the program!  Volunteers are sometimes needed to:

* assist in the children’s social skills classes

* co-lead parenting sessions

* help prepare classroom materials

* provide childcare to infants and toddlers while their parents are in class

* assist in the coordination and preparation of evening dinners (pick-up, set-up, menu selection, etc.)

For more information on volunteering, click here.